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  • PaperCut Copier Login Instructions for Staff

    Staff can make use of any of the copiers currently available for students, using the instructions above (they can use the card reader option if they have the new IVC Employee ID Card).

    Additionally, staff can use any of the department copiers in the same way now that they are all using PaperCut.

    1. Enter in the last 6 digits of your G#
    2. Press Enter again on the screen asking for a PIN code (this is currently not required for the department copiers)
    3. Enter in an appropriate Account Code to charge your copy jobs to (required for all IVC copy jobs, optional if you are submitting a personal copy job and have funds in your personal account).
    Created on 17/08/2012 in PaperCut

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Staff Login Form

Please use the first part of your IVC Email (e.g. joe.smith) and your Email Password to login. If you are a student, please use the Student Portal to login.