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Terms and Conditions of Award

The Student Information Worksheet has been eliminated. Instead, students must accept their Terms and Conditions of Award on WEBSTAR prior to disbursement of financial aid funds. You can access the Terms and Conditions from the financial aid menu in WEBSTAR. Simply choose "My Award Information", then choose " Award by Aid Year" and you will see the Terms and Conditions tab. Students are responsible for reading the linked document carefully before clicking on the accept button. This requirement must be satisfied before aid will be disbursed.

Pell Grant Disbursement Changes

Pell Grant funds will now be divided into 3 disbursements for primary terms (Fall and Spring). The first scheduled disbursement for eligible students with completed files will be the Friday before the semester begins in order for students to purchase books and supplies needed for school. Cal Grant and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant disbursements will still be disbursed at 100% approximately 4 weeks after the semester begins. Scheduled Pell Grant disbursement dates are listed below:

   Fall 2014  Spring 2015
 25% of Pell Grant  August 15, 2014  February 12, 2015
 25% of Pell Grant  September 12, 2014  March 13, 2015
 50% of Pell Grant  October 10, 2014  April 24, 2015

We encourage students to set up a budget and spend their financial aid funds wisely, they need to last throughout the semester. Visit our cash course website for assistance in making a personalized budget: http://www.cashcourse.org/home.aspx

Elimination of Book Vouchers

Because financial aid funds will be disbursed to eligible students prior to the start of the term, the Book Voucher Program has been eliminated. Financial aid funds disbursed are to be used for educational expenses including books, supplies, transportation, and living expenses. The amount of your disbursement will depend on eligibility and the enrollment status at the authorization date.

Awarding in advance of annual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) evaluations

Financial aid awarding for eligible students with complete files will begin in Spring for the upcoming Fall. Thus awarding will begin in advance of the annual SAP evaluations. All awards are tentative with actual funding based individual enrollment status and maintaining of Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Awards may be canceled if you do not meet SAP standards at the annual evaluation which occurs after Spring grades are posted. We encourage students to login to their WEBSTAR student account and view messages and requirements regarding their financial aid status.

Work-study Process

The work-study process has changed for the 2014-15 award year. On a first-completed, first- awarded basis, students who have checked that they are interested in work-study on question 31 of the FAFSA and been determined eligible will receive a work-study offer in WEBSTAR. This award must be accepted on WEBSTAR in order for the student to receive additional instructions via email on how to secure a position. Work-study funds are very limited and all offers will be canceled once enough students have accepted to fill available positions. In addition, there is no guarantee of job placement even if an offer has been accepted. Securing a work-study position is the responsibility of the student.

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