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Distance Education Committee


The purpose of the Distance Education Committee will be to advise the Senate, its Curriculum subcommittee, and the Technology Planning Committee on designs, implementation strategies, resources needed, and policies for distance education; to provide a faculty overview of all distance education and distributed activities conducted at Imperial Valley College; and to work with all relevant faculty and administrators to foster innovation while maintaining, enhancing, and evaluating high standards of academic quality, at a level appropriate to the students for which the content is developed.

Core Value Statement

The core value of the DE Committee is to increase educational access for students by supporting online delivery of high quality instruction. All students should have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.


The function of the Distance Education Committee is to develop and review policies and procedures necessary to the implementation and evaluation of the distance education program at Imperial Valley College.


The Committee shall be comprised of the following: administrative representative (Co-Chair); Distance Education Coordinator (Co-Chair); five faculty representatives (including at least one non-teaching); classified representative; technology representative; DSPS representative

The Academic Senate will approve all faculty positions; the remaining positions will be appointed by the bargaining unit representative or division head in consultation with the Co-Chairs and the Vice President of Academic Services.

Terms for all members shall be for two years with the exception of the Distance Education Coordinator and the DSPS representative.

Voting Members

  • Brian McNeece, Administrative Representative, Co-Chair
  • Gaylla Finnell, Distance Education Coordinator, Co-Chair
  • Mary Jo Wainwright, Faculty Representative
  • Deirdre Rowley, Faculty Representative
  • Ralph Marquez, Faculty (non-teaching) Representative
  • Xochitl Tirado, Faculty Representative
  • Kevin Howell, Faculty Representative
  • Martha Olea, Classified Representative
  • Omar Ramos, Technology Representative
  • Paige Lovitt, DSPS Representative

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