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Faculty & Staff

 Economic & Workforce Development Division

  • Efrain Silva, Dean
  • Patricia Robles, Administrative Secretary
  • Vicky Figueroa, Student Services Technician
  • Joe Espinoza, Student Employment Specialist

Business Department 

  • Craig Blek, ChairGordon Bailey, Cisco Instructor
  • Frances Arce-Gomez, Staff Secretary
  • Alison Brock, Business Instructor
  • Andres Martinez, CIS Instructor
  • Angelica Ruiz, Business Instructor
  • Jeffrey Beckley, Business Instructor
  • Walid Ghanim, CIS Instructor
  • Todd Hansink, Business Instructor

Child, Family, & Consumer Sciences Department 

  • Becky Green, Coordinator
  • Lency Lucas, Staff Secretary
  • Joanne Green, Staff Secretary
  • Carol Grajeda, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher
  • Cristina Samano, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher
  • David Scott Sheppard, Child Development Instructor
  • Elizabeth Radcliff, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher
  • Fonda Miller, Child Development Instructor
  • Linda Stills, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher
  • Maria Pinuelas, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher
  • Patricia Lopez, Preschool Teacher
  • Tracy Osuna, Infant/Toddler Center Teacher 

Exercise Science, Wellness, & Sports 

  • David Drury, Chair
  • Sandie Noel, Staff Secretary
  • Andrew Robinson, Physical Education and Health Education Instructor
  • Chris Mays, Athletic Trainer
  • Enrique Lechuga, Physical Education and Health Education Instructor
  • James Mecate, Physical Education Instruction
  • Jeff Deyo, Physical Education and Health Education Instructor
  • Jill Tucker, Physical Education and Athletics Instructor
  • Sidne Horton, Physical Education Instructor
  • Tyson Aye, Phsyical Education, Health Education, and Athletics Instructor 

Industrial Technology Department 

  • Jose Lopez, Chair
  • Frances Arce-Gomez, Staff Secretary
  • Frank Miranda, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Instructor
  • Jorge Guluarte, Tool Room Technician
  • Jose Velasquez, Building Construction Technology Instructor
  • Nancy Sanchez, Tool Room Technician
  • Ricardo Pradis, Automotive Technology Instructor

Public Safety Department 

  • Ed Wells, Coordinator
  • Rhonda Ruiz, Instructional Support Assistant/Law Enforcement Programs
  • Kathy Rodriguez, Administration of Justice Instructor 

National Science Foundation Grant 

  • Rick Johnson, Principal Investigator
  • Ricardo Jimenez, Consultant 

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Training Grants 

  • Martha Garcia, Program Coordinator
  • Susie Luna, Staff Secretary
  • Analisa Veliz, Office Assistant
  • Guillermo Vallejo, Case Manager/Consultant

(Part-time instructors change from semester to semester and are not listed here.)

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