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FYI: for Fall 2016, SPCH 100 is now COMM 100

Multimedia and Web Development

The Multimedia and Web Development program has been removed. A new Digital Design and Production program has been approved (more info on the new program to follow).



The Multimedia andWeb Development program is an interdisciplinary program that combines technical knowledge with design, communication, and problem solving skills. It includes multimedia software applications and programming languages that allow a student to build dynamicWeb applications. Students learn how to process information and then make this information available to audiences via electronic media. The program provides students with the entry level competencies for employment as a Web Developer or other position which requires knowledge to produce a variety of computer,Web, and/or multimedia graphics, animation, sound and video production, and/or content materials. The program provides entry level training to qualify students for collaborative projects working from within small design films or for developing web pages for small or large businesses.

Degree and Certificate Requirements


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