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Academic Program Facilities

Facilities available for academic programs include the buildings described below. Two new Career Technical Education (CTE) buildings, Buildings 3100 and 3200, were added west of Building 2700.  These CTE buildings are home to classrooms that will be training our students for the careers of the future, including alternative energy development as well as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and automotive technology.

The District's Space Inventory Report provides detailed information regarding the usage for rooms in all District buildings.

Building Number/Description Programs
Building 200 Social Science, Administration of Justice, Child Development
Building 300 Fine Arts, Humanities, World Languages, Music Labs
Building 400 Behavioral Science, English, World Languages
Building 700 (Gymnasium) Athletics, Physical Education, Health Education,
Building 800 Business, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Behavioral Science
Building 900 Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Building 1100 Automotive Technology
Building 1200 Welding
Building 1300 Automotive Technology, Art, English
Building 1500 Library Media Center
Building 1700 Workforce Development Center
Building 2100 Nursing and Allied Health, Emergency Medical Services, DSPS
Building 2200 Preschool
Building 2300 Infant Toddler Center
Building 2500 Math Lab Center
Building 2600 Reading/Writing/Language Lab
Building 2700 English, Math, Sciences, Study Rooms, Computer Lab
Building 2900 (temporary building) English
Building 3000 (temporary building) English
Building 3200 (temporary building) English as a Second Language
Building 3400 (temporary building) Emergency Medical Services and English as a Second Language  
Juanita Lowe Art Gallery Fine Arts
Swimming Pools Physical Education
Tennis Courts Physical Education, Athletics
Running, Track, Soccer Field Physical Education, Athletics
Soccer Field Athletics
Baseball Field Athletics
Softball Field Athletics

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