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News & Updates

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year – application must include all required documentation to be considered. Notification by email will be sent once the application is reviewed by the Nursing Progression Committee.
  • Application period is open to students who have completed all prerequisite courses, or enrolled in the last Science prerequisite. Completion of the degree requirements is strongly recommended prior to applying.
  • Scheduling to take the TEAS Pre-entrance test is strongly recommended when all prerequisite courses have been completed. To schedule the TEAS, contact the IVC Nursing Learning Center - 760-355-6530 or Office 2158
  • The Transition Course is open to students who have applied and received notification that the application has been approved. Students will receive a course schedule.
IVC offers two options for California licensed vocational nurses seeking to obtain the RN license – Track I, Associate Degree, and Track II, 30-Unit Option. Under Track I, the LVN is eligible for the Associate of Science degree in Registered Nursing and the NCLEX RN licensure exam after successful completion of the admission criteria, degree requirements, and the program. Under the Track II, 30-Unit Option, the LVN completes a Human Physiology and a Microbiology Course (total of 8 units), and after completion of the nursing program, becomes eligible to take the NCLEX RN as a non-graduate student. LVNs who apply under this option must submit the program's Disclaimer Form verifying they understand the requirements of this option. Track I allows the student advance placement into either the 2nd or 3rd semester of the ADRN Program pending completion of the program's Transition Course. Track II, 30-Unit Option students enter the 3rd semester of the program and are strongly encouraged to complete the Transition Course. Both options require minimum 2.5 GPA in the Sciences and passing the pre-entrance test called the TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills) to be admitted. Track I students must also have a minimum 2.5 GPA in the General Education prerequisites.


If admitted to the program, students will be required to complete clearance requirements for the clinical area which include a background check and drug screen, a physical exam and immunizations, and a current CPR card for healthcare providers. Information will be provided to students once approved for admission.