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Health (Nurse) Assistant / Home Health Aide


IVC offers a nursing assistant course for students interested in obtaining certification as CNA's with the State of California. The course, AHP 060 Health Assistant is found under 'Allied Health Professions' in the IVC catalog. This is a one-semester, 5.5 unit course, with a total of 171 hours of instruction - 63 hours in the classroom and 108 hours in clinical training. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to receive the certificate of completion from IVC and ready to take the State Competency Exam.

Course hours vary per semester term and may include weekends.




Certified Nurse Assistant Courses

AHP 060-Health Assistant

Summer 2015 – CRN# 30089 – 6/15/15 to 7/31/15
Winter 2016 – CRN#15007 – 1/5/16 to 2/11/16

Steps to follow




Duties: A CNA works in a variety of health care agencies, but most specifically the demand lies in long-term care such as convalescent homes and skilled nursing facilities. Certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of a registered nurse. They provide basic care to the patients. They spend more time with the patient than any other staff member in the facility. The CNA also helps with taking vital signs, helps walk the patient, helps patient in and out of bed, helps patient with a bath or shower, or just maintains the patient's room.


Estimated Costs:

Students can prepare to pay the following costs when enrolling in AHP 060:





Tuition ($46/unit) x 5.5 units




Textbook & Workbook


BLS Healthcare Provider Card


Lab fee




One set - Electronic Livescan Fingerprints

$32 plus a rolling fee

Physical Exam (Health Services Fee)


Optional – Immunizations


State Competency Exam (NNAAP)



$678 - 979


 Admission Requirements


Students must first meet the following requirements to be able to enroll in AHP 060:

  • Be in good health
  • Able to lift a minimum of 35lbs
  • Be 17 years of age or older 


Once registered in the course, students will be expected to complete the requirements below on their own. Because these are required before starting the course, students should get started right away in getting these done once enrolled! Once registered, and after reviewing each requirement below, students should check in with Nursing Office 2155 to make sure they have met and understood what is expected! 


  • Obtain one set of electronic livescan fingerprints – contact any agency that conducts fingerprints but they must be electronic! Below are some agencies to contact. You must have the required form with you at the time of your appointment; filled in and signed. The link to the form and sample of what information to fill in are below.



  • ECRMC Education Department 760-370-8521
  • PMH Education Department 760-351-3298
  • Additional provider for CPR Clases: David Barham 760-960-1046


  • Complete a Background Check online – Log on to the website at www.ivcbackground.com and complete the process! Minimum cost is $25.00, additional fees may apply – fee is paid online.
  • Purchase the required textbooks: 
      • Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care, 3rd ed., ISBN13: 978-1604250442 and Workbook - ISBN13: 978-1604250428
      • Students can obtain the textbook on their own or through the Campus Bookstore
  • Purchase the required uniform –
    • Scrub top and pants – Dark Aqua Teal
    • Uniform Supplier is Phoenix Uniform in El Centro - 760-353-9482 (CNA patch on left sleeve)
    • White tennis shoes, closed toe and heel, no mesh
    • Name Badge/Student ID - purchased through the College Center Casbah Room - $5/badge. First name and initial of last name only with picture.
    • A lab fee will be charged when registering for AHP 060; this is paid along with registration fees and is   not covered by financial aid
    • Physical   exam and vaccinations – Contact the IVC Student Health Center (SHC) for   an appointment – 760-355-6310. The SHC is located in the 2100 Building,   Office of Disabled Student Programs & Services -
      • An appointment is required and the Student ID must be shown
      • A referral form will be issued to obtain the required vaccinations –
        • PPD   Skin Test (extra cost for required X-rays), MMR, T-Dap, and Influenza (when available);
        • Hepatitis B and Varicella are required, and they do incur a cost not covered by the health services fee.


State Competency Exam After successful completion of the course, students apply to take the State Competency exam. Upon passing the exam, students are eligible to receive State Certification as a nurse assistant. The exam has two components, Written and Skills Check-off, and the cost is $90. Students apply directly though the Regional Testing Center of Southern California – the application, practice test questions, testing brochure, and testing locations are available from the website at www.regionaltestingcenter.org or by calling 714-895-8708.



Previous Convictions/Misdemeanors Students must disclose all information to the CA Department of Public Health Services on all and any prior convictions or misdemeanors. Failure to disclose this information may result in the denial of a certificate. The list of Disqualifying Penal Code Sections is found in the State website at http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/occupations/Pages/AidesAndTechs.aspx  these will result in automatic denial of an application for certification. For any questions, students can email the CA DHPS Registry at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (916)-327-2445.


Home Health Aide 


After completion of the AHP 060 course, students can enroll in AHP 062 when offered. This is a 1.5 unit course that offers 25 hours of classroom instruction and 25 hours of clinical training. The course is only offered when there are enough students to enroll. 


Home health aides work primarily in the home, working under the supervision of a home health nurse, and employed in home health care facilities. Students must be State certified nurse assistants or have completed the AHP 060 course. Fees include tuition, parking, name badge, and a similar uniform. Textbooks are not required. A State exam is not required. Electronic fingerprints must be current with the State (within past year). Previous convictions/misdemeanors must be disclosed when applying for State certification.


For additional questions: 


Questions on the AHP 060 and 062 courses above, contact the Nursing & Allied Health Department at 760-355-6348 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Students can also meet with the IVC Nursing & Allied Health Counselors to begin their education plan; contact the Counseling Office at 760-355-6543 for an appointment or visit the Office located in the 100 Building. Financial Aid assistants are also available to help with any financial aid questions. You can reach them at 760-355-6266.

Questions regarding expired nurse assistance certifications, renewal requirements, out-of-state requirements, or compliance issues, contact the State (CA Department of Public Health) directly at (916) 327-2445 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions regarding the State Competency Exam for renewal by taking the exam, contact the Regional Testing Center of Southern California at 714-895-8708 or log on to the website at www.regionaltestingcenter.org.




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